We have a great group of dedicated trainers at CrossFit Fannin. From left to right- Darren Danner, Alison Danner, Lisa Taylor, Ashley Weeks, Stacey Weeks, Chris Thigpen, and Amy Hawkins.




Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education.

 -Level 1 CrossFit Coach (since 2010)

– Crossfit Kids instructor

I love watching people grow and reach their full potential in any aspect of life.  Coaching people on how to become mentally and physically stronger is the most rewarding job I’ve ever done! One of the things I love most about CrossFit is that it truely is for EVERYONE.




Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Stacey has literally made everything in the gym. If it’s not a bar or made of rubber it’s all him. He is the co-owner of CrossFit Fannin but definetly our lead fabricator. 

I have been in the CrossFit world about 2 years and realized right away the benefits. It’s not just about competing but about becoming better every day, and becoming functionally fit. I was the blue collar guy who thought the everyday routine of construction work/linework (really just WORK) was plenty enough in the fitness regimen. I quickly realized after starting CrossFit that it not only made me feel better after working all day but it turn made working all day easier and more productive. 


I’m excited to say that we also  have some tremendous trainers/interns here who are a HUGE asset to our gym.


Lisa Taylor:

LEVEL 1 CrossFit Coach

-Teacher for the past 15 years ranging from 1st through 8th grade.(Currently 5th at BRES)

-Two boys, Ethan 16 and Evan 14

-Avid spectator of many sports

Fitness and overall health have always played an important role throughout my life. I began an active lifestyle early in life, participating in team sports throughout school, intramural sports in college, then running, various classes, etc., to try to maintain the level of fitness I desired. Incorporating different forms of exercise and finding time to do so was becoming more difficult, until CrossFit. CrossFit assimilates all areas of fitness in a fun, competitive, challenging way. I was completely hooked after the first WOD.  I can feel myself getting stronger inside and out. CrossFit is truly a life changing fitness regimen.



Darren Danner

-Level 1 CrossFit Coach


Coaching high school sports, basketball, football, baseball, I have always looked for a competitive edge in competition. Personal fitness has always been a priority trying various and many different programs. I finally have found a regimen that is not repetitive and continues to push me to my extremes. You compete against yourself and a clock rather than spending countless hours in the weight room. After 14 years on medication for high blood pressure, CrossFit has eliminated this necessity. CrossFit has found a place in my daily routine.

-High School Assistant Principal

-Enjoys sporting events

-Father of 10 year old son, Hayden.



Allison Danner

Level 1 CrossFit Coach


I have never been an athlete in the sense of team sports, but have always been driven by a sense of competition. Through the years I have tried several programs, lifted weights, completed aerobic classes and ran many miles to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but have never truly found one that continues to give me a sense of competition. After I completed my first WOD, I knew I had found it. CrossFit gives me a new challenge each day and the competitive edge develops within you as you constantly strive to reach that new PR.

-Elementary teacher for 18 years

-Enjoys sporting events

-Mother of 10 year old son, Hayden




Amy Hawkins





Chris Thigpen




2 Comments on “COACHES

  1. Hi,
    My name is Macho Barrios. I am a certified L1/2 and USAW certified coach. I own Crissfit Unleashed and Unleashed Weightlifting in Tampa Fl. I’m going to be visiting Blue Ridge March 12-16. I was wondering if there was a time that I could come in to lift. I have a Weightlifting meet in April and didn’t want to take a week off being so close to my meet. I would not want to impede on any classes or equipment needs for those classes but if there is a time I could drop in that would be great. I’d would greatly appreciate it but if not I completely understand.
    Thank you,

    Macho Barrios


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