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Here is a quick video for today( that I literally just re made)! The

awesome one me and the kids did earlier wouldn’t load darnit!!! Got to love technology!


200 meter jog or 1:00 high knees

1:00 plank or hs hold

15 air squats

Back Squat (3×8)

3×8 at 65% can go from ground or rack!

If no back squat you can goblet squat something from your house or dB or kb

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 minute amrap of:

-2 bar muscle ups/4 pullups/4 ring rows/4 challenging pushups

-4 hspu

-20 double unders


2 bmu-4 pullups-4 jumping pullups-4 ring rows-4 challenging pushups

*get creative here for a pull can even clim under a chair and pull chest to chair!

Hspu-4 shoulder press or push press with loads or anything around your house

-20 double unders-40 singles-40 lateral jumps-40 jumping jacks

Track option:

20 minute:

400 meter run (1 lap)

4 hspu or challenging pushups

20 unders


2-3 rounds:

10 Bulgarian split squats

20 hip bridges

10 dB bent over row-use anything here

1:00 wall sit

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