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1,500m Row (500m @ 22 s/m, 500m @ 25 s/m, 500m @ 28 s/m)


6 Minutes on an Assault Bike (2 Minutes @ easy pace, 2 Minutes +3 RPM, 2 Minutes @ +3 more RPM)

Metcon (Distance)

20 Minute Bike/Row

For Max Meters

*Do this as 5 rounds (continuous) 3 Minutes Moderate/ 1 Minute TEMPO (3k pace or faster). You are biking /rowing for 20 minutes straight. The 3 Minutes should be a moderate pace you can recover at.

*If you are using Assault Bikes for your movement of the month. Go a 20 minute bike alternating between 1 Minutes moderate/ 1 Minute Hard.

Bench Press (3×8)

Bench Press (20 Minutes)

3 x 8 @ 70% of 1RM

*Do 6-12 Strict Pull Ups after each set

Ring Dips (3×8)

Strict Ring Dip

3 x 8 Reps

*DO 6-12 Inverted rows after each set. Use a band if needed for the dips.

Scoring just 8 max each round even though scoring will say max reps


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