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3 Ways You Can Honor Our Military Veterans on Veterans Day

Veterans Day, is a day to honor military veterans. Though our honor of these veterans cannot compare to the sacrifices they have made, we can do our best to celebrate and remember their service. We are sharing three ways you can take some time out of your day to honor military veterans and their sacrifices for this country.

1. Take a moment to reflect

One of the best ways we can honor military veterans is by reflecting on all of the sacrifices they have made and continue to make. It is easy to go about our daily routine without thinking about the impacts military veterans have made on our lives. Take a moment to sit down and truly reflect on the service military veterans have dedicated their entire lives for.

2. Workout twice as hard

The sacrifice of being in the military is something that none of us can compare to with experiences in our everyday lives. We can, however, reflect on their sacrifices through our daily routines. Today, consider working out twice as hard in honor of their work and dedication to serving our country. Not only will you have the opportunity to dedicate your workout to our military veterans, but you will also leave feeling great after a hard workout.

3.Thank a Veteran

Whether he or she is a friend, family member, or stranger you see out while running errands. Take the opportunity to thank them for their dedication and service as a military veteran. The simple verbal expression of thanks can go a long way and mean a lot.

This Veterans Day, take a moment to reflect, workout twice as hard, and thank a Veteran in honor of their sacrifice and dedication to this nation.


2 Minutes on a Machine (1 Minute Moderate, 1 Minute Hard)

1:00 Squat Hold

1:00 Spiderman Stretch Each Leg

1:00 Wrist Stretch

1:00 Puppy Dog Stretch


With an Empty Barbell:

10 tempo Front Squats (3 Seconds Down)

10 Tempo Strict Press (3 Seconds Down)

5 Thrusters

Thruster (1×1)

Thruster (15-20 Minutes)

1 Rep Max

*Re-Test for our Movement of the Month! Set yourself up for success. Go for only a 5# PR first! Then you can go for one more rep if that felt good and try to bite off another 5-10#. You can go from the rack of from the ground.

Metcon (Time)

For time:


Calorie Row

Handstand Push Ups


Power Clean (115/185)(155/225)

Time Cap = 20 Minutes

*This is 5 rounds with decreasing reps. Round 1 would be 21 Calorie Row, 21 Handstand Push Ups, 5 Power Cleans. Round 2, 18/18/4. Etc. Power Cleans Should be heavier singles.

Scaling Options:

Handstand Push Ups -Double Dumbbell Push Press – Push Ups

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