CrossFit Fannin – CrossFit


200m Run

10 Front Squats (barbell)

200m Run

10 Strict Press (barbell)

200m Run

10 Thrusters (barbell)

Metcon (Time)



*You will do this rep scheme TWICE! Do this in a team of 3, you do 10 thrusters, then partner 2 does 10 thrusters then partner 3 does 10 thrusters. Then, add weight and go through 8’s, add weight, do the same with 6… down to 2 adding weight each time. Try to get this done within 7 minutes. Rest until the clock hits 12:00 and do it again, but with heavier weights if possible.

Example) 10 @ 115#, 8 @ 135#, 6 @ 155#, 4 @ 165#, 2 @ 185#

Round 2:

Add 5lbs each set for example

Scoring time including rest when last partner finishes 2’s on 2nd round

In box put all of your weights


Cash Out:

3 Sets for Quality:

10- 15 Strict Pull Ups

25 Push Ups

*Get some volume in for these strict bodyweight movements. Use a band if needed.

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