CrossFit Fannin – CrossFit


:30 ON/ :30 OFF x 5 Rounds on any machine

(you can alternate with a partner!)

-Stretch as a class-

Back Squat

Back Squat (25 Minutes)

4 x 6 @ 70% (+5-10#) of 1RM

*We’re going to extend this back squat program one more cycle to keep squatting consistently through our movement of the month to keep our leg strength, so last time through! Try to add 5-10# from last time we did this!

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

30 Squat Cleans(125/185) (155/225)

10 Minute Time Cap

*Challenge yourself today with this. Pick a weight that is fairly heavy and work through it! Should be under 10 minutes, that’s 3 reps on the minute as a minimum. Pick a weight you think you can do more than 3 reps a minute.

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