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This week our mission is to get ALL things out of the front room to the locker room ( jump ropes, gloves, belts etc) this Saturday everything will move to lost and found!

Remember Dexa Scan will be January 9 and challenge will begin January 10th.

Write your name on the board by Wed if you plan on participating!


3 Rounds:

10 Pass Thrus (pvc)

10 Overhead Squats (pvc)

10 Snatch Balance (pvc)

Snatch (1×1)

Snatch (20 Minutes)


*Work up in weight each set. The sets of 2 should be 2 quick singles! Work up to a heavy single for the day!

*can be Powersnatch if needed

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

18 Minute Alternating EMOM:

200m Run

15 Wall Balls

12 Burpees

*Rotate on the minute! Scale the reps down to stay on the minute. Good conditioning for the day!

Run-200/150/100 Row-200/150

Wallballs- 15/12 and scale weight of ball

Burpees- 12/10/8

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