CrossFit Fannin – CrossFit


:30 ON/ :30 OFF on any machine x 5 minutes

With an empty barbell:

:30 Front Rack Stretch

10 Strict Press

5 Muscle Cleans

5 Hang Power Cleans

10 Power Clean and Jerks

Powerclean and jerk (20×1)

Every :30 for 10 Minutes

Power Clean and Push Jerk @ 75% of 1RM

*Work on going right from the clean into the jerk! This should be 75% of your best power clean and jerk. These should all be at the same weight.

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 4 Minutes for 20 Minutes:

12/15 Calorie Row

400m Run

*The row should be a sprint! Then work to recover and run a decent 400m. Focus more on the rower sprint though!


Run 200

Could switch to meters go 500

* record time each round total of 5

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