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“Team USA Rowling”

Partner up in teams of 2. The object of the game is to race to 1,000m on the rower. One person rows at a time, alternating every 100m. The rower must be stopped every 100m. The hundred-meter mark equals zero (100, 200, 300…). If the athlete lands on the zero-mark, switch rowers and keep rowing. Anything over or under the hundred-meter mark results I points (ex. 103 = 3 points, 798 = 2 points, etc.) With those points, that athlete must do double the number of Air Squats and then tag their partner before their partner may start rowing.

Rest a minute or so then do:

10 Rounds:

:30 ON/ :30 OFF

Max Meter Row

*The goal is to hold 30 strokes/minute at the fastest pace possible. Try and keep your distance you hit every 30 seconds consistent! Make sure to set your monitor if you alternate with a partner to count down 30 seconds each time so you get the full 30 seconds.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Dumbbell One Arm Powersnatch (35/50) (50/70)

Toes to Bar

*This should be a 10 minute or less workout. Scale the weight on the thrusters to go as unbroken as possible.

Scaling Options:

Toes to Bar -Knees to Chest – V-Ups -Sit Ups


Cash Out:

Single Arm Dumbbell Row


*10 Each Arm. Go as heavy as possible.

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