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“Team USA Rowling”

In a team of 2; The object of the game is to race to 1,000m on the rower. One person rows at a time, alternating every 100m. The rower must be stopped every 100m. The hundred-meter mark equals zero (100, 200, 300…). If you land on the zero-mark, switch partners and keep rowing. Anything over or under the hundred-meter mark results I points (ex. 103 = 3 points, 798 = 2 points, etc.) With those points, that athlete must do double the number of air squats and then tag their partner before their partner may start rowing. Have Fun

Back Squat (1×5)

Back Squat

5 Rep Max

*Hit something 5-10lbs heavier than your 5 rep last week

1×12 @ 75%

*This should be 75% of your 5RM from the day. This should be one good set!

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for Time:

8 Power Clean and Push Jerk (95/135)

6 ctb pullups (rx+ 3 Muscle Ups)

15 Minute Time Cap


3 muscle ups-6 ctb pullups-6 pullups – 6 ring rows-6 jumping pullup

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