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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

In teams of 2 complete:

18 minute amrap of:

Parnter 1: 400 meter run

Partner 2: Bear Complex (55/75/95)(95/115/135)

Scaled: (35/55/65) (75/95/105)

Partner 1 sets the pace, while partner 2 completes an amrap of the bear complex.

0-6:00=weight one

6:00-12:00=weight two

12:00-18:00=weight three

*Finish the set your on then switch weight loads on the 6:00/12:00 marks

*One Bear equals 1 reps partial doesn’t count.

(One round of the bear complex will be power clean or squat clean + plus front squat if doing a power clean plus a push press. You can do a front squat into a thruster. Back squat plus push press. Back squat can be into a back rack thruster. Arms must lock out on all push presses. Hip crease must break the plane of the knee on all squats.

Clean (1×1)

Teams of 2 complete a max rep clean.

You will enter your own score in wodify and team total in box.

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