CrossFit Fannin – CrossFit


2:00 row

15 pvc pass thrus

15 overhead squats pvc

30 double unders or 60 singles

Power Snatch (6 x 1 )

all sets btw 70 and 80% of 1 rm.

if you want to work the snatch you can powersnatch set the bar down then go full snatch.Otherwise finish with an overhead squat/front or back squat.

Enter your last set in wodify change the set number if you do more than one set and the weight you finish with.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

18 Minute Alternating EMOM:

12/15 Calories

50 Double Unders

12 Toes to Bar

Goal is to finish quickly each minute.

Scales: (thinking 50 seconds rotating each minute)

Rower-fewer calories

Doubles-25 Singles 100-50

Toes to bar-knees to chest-Situps

*Entering total reps for 18 minutes.


I’ve been talking about summer goals in the gym. So on the whiteboard pick a couple of things you wanna track. Each day just write up what you’ve done inside gym, during wods, or outside of gym. Some examples:

1. running

2. rowing

3. strict work ( pulling, pushups, hspu, etc)

4. air squats

5. double unders

6. Situps

These are just a few examples lets see what we can accomplish as a gym and as individuals for the month of JUNE!!!

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