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Run 1 lap

Then 2 rounds of

8 kbs

5 pullups

Line drills

Helen (Time)

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35#
12 Pull-ups
You can look up your previous scores on your performance under Helen.

We will repeat this wod in 6 weeks to compare the following:

1. Wod performance

2. Before/after pics

3. Body fat analysis if applicable

4. Blood work if applicable

5. Measurements if applicable


1. 3 rounds of:

-10 ahap weighted Bulgarian split squats

– 10 db flys

-10 db flat bench

-5 strict pullups( can weight them if proficient or band them if needed)

– 5 lb shoulder drills (front, sides, 90 rotation)

* split squat and flat bench should be heavy. Flat bench don’t be afraid to go heavy w a spotter and break up reps

2. 30-45 minute row or 20-30 minute jog. With jog could just choose x amount of laps to run like 6.5 would be 2 miles for example

I will post cashouts 3-5 per week some short and some long you choose what you need. Some will be strength,some endurance, and some will be skill based.

Run and row will always be an option and I will pick a few isolation movements that we hit often


The challenge starts today at the gym you will perform a workout that you will repeat at then end as well. (Helen)

Remember to take your before and after pics.

Important things:

– if you don’t have a partner on the board let me know asap

List of foods:

Meats (unbreaded of course)






-Condiments need to be organic and containing nothing artificial. Ketchup, mustard etc.

-Stubbs is a great bbq choice. Be sparing it still has some sugar.

-Salad dressing go with oil based dressing.(I have posted a few on CrossFit Fannin fb and instagram. Make sure you follow online for tips, pics, and recipes. Esp the clean eating/zone challenge on fb.

-protein shake post wod with milk is allowed. Almond or coconut

-non fat plain greek yogurt or triple zero yogurt is allowed but shouldn’t be more than 1-2 servings per day.

-Drink at least 1/2 body weight in ounces of water each day

-sleep 6-9 hours per night.

-almond butter **IN MODERATION 1/2 tsp equal a block keep that in mind.

-1 zone bar per day

*1 cup of coffee per day

**avoid even fruits and veggies on the unfavorable chart of the zone diet.

Each week the penalty for a cheat will be posted. If you cheat you and your partner will perform the

penalty. Preferrably together.

If your not taking protein you should consider it. Most people are deficient in protein but post wod protein is a great tool for recovering muscles. Plus you can also add to your yogurt and smoothies.

Make sure it’s quality we do sell a great choice but don’t just buy a super cheap protein bc it’s just that cheap protein

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