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Metcon (Time)

For time, each athlete moves through stations of:

Female Athlete 1:

0.5-mile run(2 x 400)

50 wall-ball shots

Male Athlete 1:

0.5-mile run

50 wall-ball shots

Female Athlete 2:

0.4-mile run ( 1 lap + 150 meters)

40 wall-ball shots

Male Athlete 2:

0.4-mile run

40 wall-ball shots

Female Athlete 3:

0.3-mile run (1 lap)

30 wall-ball shots

Male Athlete 3:

0.3-mile run

30 wall-ball shots

M 20-lb. ball to 10 ft.

F 14-lb. ball to 10 ft.

Athlete order: F, M, F, M, F, M

**For us we obviously don’t have to go F, M could arrange group in any gender.

*WOD from CrossFit Regional Team Qualifter 2015 Event 3

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